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Behind The Screams

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ScareHouse Opening Weekend Reviews!

a close up of a woman with her mouth open“ScareHouse excels at world-building; it also excels at creating iconic characters, creatures whose mere appearance supplies nightmare fuel – a girl with bleeding, bandaged eyes and needle-sharp teeth, a white-eyed madman on the verge of turning into something no longer human. The world that the hauntrunners create is both gritty and gorgeous. The scares are also brilliantly timed (the girl with the bandaged eyes appeared out of nowhere after both Lily and I had looked carefully for any actors). This attraction has excellent animatronics and truly disturbing props (no one else does hanging bodies like ScareHouse) but the impression that their actors manage to make in just seconds is astonishing!”

Haunted Housewives with Tish and Lilly

ScareHouse Reviews

Thank you Pittsburgh! ScareHouse is now open every weekend through Halloween.