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Behind The Screams Of ScareHouse

Living Every Horror Fan’s Dream

ScareHouse Design and Operations Manager Nicole Conniff is living every horror fan’s dream. Not only does she get to have Halloween and scares on the brain every month of the year, but she has made a career out of it. ScareHouse Design and Operations Manager Nicole Conniff “It’s a small team of us, maybe three…

Sounds to Make You Scream

According to sound designer Bengt Alexsander, the process of putting together the frightening soundscapes of ScareHouse is pretty intuitive. “At this point, I think they just trust me with it,” says Alexsander of working with the ScareHouse crew. “[Scarehouse creative director] Scott Simmons and I have a lot of the same references for movies, so…

When ScareHouse Zombies Infested Good Morning America

Allison (2014 Costume Manager): Every top secret project at ScareHouse starts off with a really vague question about your availability. It’s like, “Hey, what are you doing Wednesday and Thursday this week?”, and when I ask why it’s was like, “Well, you might need to go somewhere overnight, maybe, possibly….” Creative Director Scott Simmons: Basically…

You ready?

We’re taking you “Behind The Screams” of our new season – and sharing some of our favorite moments from the last 20 Years Of Fears for Pittsburgh’s Ultimate Haunted House. Keep watching this page for updates all season long!  

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