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ScareHouse Shake

Only at Burgatory in October!

Help local families AND enjoy a delicious treat when you purchase a ScareHouse Shake from your neighborhood Burgatory! This seasonal, spooky shake features crumbled Oreos, vanilla ice cream, housemade vanilla custard, gummy worms, and more. It’s also available spiked with chocolate vodka.

As always, a portion of the proceeds from every Scarehouse Shake sold at Burgatory during the month of October will benefit the Mario Lemieux Foundation. This year, this donation will help provide funds for fun technology upgrades in patient-accessible Austin’s Playrooms at hospitals in the region. Austin’s Playrooms provide a safe, fun, and engaging atmosphere for kids while their families focus on health and healing in the face of difficult medical challenges. Millions of families have found comfort in Austin’s Playroom, Military Playrooms, and the Lemieux Sibling Center.

Since Burgatory started serving ScareHouse shakes in 2012, over $50,000 has been donated to programs at the Mario Lemieux Foundation. Thank you Pittsburgh!