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When is ScareHouse Basement Coming Back?

The short answer is that we don’t have any specific dates yet but we’re committed to bringing The Basement back as soon as we can. We won’t be offering it this fall during the haunt season at The ScareHouse in Pittsburgh Mills.

However if all goes as planned, you won’t need to wait until October 2023 to finally experience a new production.

Since 2013 The Basement has featured a series of intense, intimate and R-rated horrors that challenge the limits of fear for anyone 18 years or older and willing to sign our waiver. Our design team produced new productions of The Basement three to four times a year: not only during the fall months but fans will likely remember our unique offerings during Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and other seasonal special events. The experiences of producing The Basement over that time significantly changed the lives of many of us within the design team and cast and we are all excited to bring it back to fiendish life.

But not yet.
And hopefully soon.

This season our primary focus is to make sure ScareHouse is better than ever and that means tireless attention to every detail of that experience. We’re grateful that ScareHouse was permitted to open in 2020 and 2021 but the strict covid protocols that were in place over the last two years limited the intensity and length of our attraction. Even with these challenges the majority of our fans continued to support us.

And now that most of those Covid19 restrictions have been lifted all of us at ScareHouse feel that we owe it to all the fans who have supported us for so long to present the kind of highly themed yet tight, dark, and “in your face” experience that ScareHouse always strives to deliver. Our team has been preparing for this upcoming season all year long — and once ScareHouse season ends, we plan to apply that same level of commitment to bringing back The Basement.

It also needs to be said that the very nature of The Basement still presents some very real challenges right now due to Covid19, even during what is hopefully the waning days of this global pandemic. We’ve explored alternate ways of presenting the experience but ultimately we’re not willing to bring The Basement back until we can safely give guests the same kind of intensity as previous productions.

So will it happen this October? No. Hopefully early next year, details to follow.

But will the Basement be back?

F**k yeah.