It is really beautiful. And with the sound design and the atmospherics, it is beautiful. I could live here!

Guillermo del Toro

(One of) the scariest haunted houses in America

USA Today of the only places, worldwide, where a Halloween attraction has been elevated to the level of high art. Those who are able to endure until the end get to witness an unparalleled — if unsettling — Pittsburgh treasure.

Sean Collier, Pittsburgh Magazine

As always, this place is amazing... the most innovative set designs, plus gruesome special effects and truly terrifying actors. They understand the science of scaring the living daylights out of you."

Melissa Babyak, Pittsburgh City Paper

ScareHouse relies on science to dig deep into the psychology of the scare and leave guests with a new outlook on life.

Fox News

ScareHouse is one of the best haunted houses, if not THE best haunted house in the country

Thomas Tull, Legendary

Fan Reviews From Our Facebook Fan Page

The scares delivered were great, and unexpected to say the least. I've never laughed, and screamed so hard in my entire life.

– Dakota Henderson

All I can say is "OM MY FREAKING GOD!!!!!

– Laraine Williams-henderson

You guys are more than a haunted house, you guys are a huge part of Pittsburgh. Thank you.

– Chuck Phillips

Your place is FANTASTIC!!!! We SCREAMED through the WHOLE houe. Your effects, props and ACTORS are AMAZING

– Lisa Jane Rearick

Awesome job tonight guys! I live for this stuff, and it was just a great adrenaline rush the entire time. It shows you put a lot of really hard work into this as well as all the actors, they were fantastic

– Matt Magnone

I went here twice this year, and the second time I went, I STILL screamed as much as I did the first time! Let me tell you, the actors do their job very well. Totally worth every penny :)

– Alivia Acierno

Definitely the scariest thing I've ever experienced from a haunted house in my life.

– Brittany Natto

I have entertained for and directed Halloween shows for decades and I have found this production to be top notch for the past three years that we have been visiting.

– Dan Hasselius

You guys are freaking amazing . Fear is a science and u guys nailed it

– Angela Buck

We basically ran through the whole thing because it was so scary. TERRIFYING and amazing.

– Jess Eagle

Sooooo AWESOME! I can’t stop thinking about it!

– Sierra Eileen

ScareHouse was worth the drive from Baltimore! I love how every actor is ready to match wit and stay in character. Inspirational!

– Patrick Barberry

Awesome time. Drove 2 hrs to get there.

– Joshua Markel

Scaretastic! Worth every penny.

– Nicholas Oller