The Murder Hotel

What you don't know about H.H. Holmes, America's First Serial Killer

Valentine’s Day in the Basement is based on the true story of America’s first known serial killer, H. H. Holmes. A man so twisted and demented that he believed he was born with the devil inside him.

This Chicago businessman took advantage of the 1893 World's Fair to build a three story hotel to attract tourists ... and then trap, torture, murder, and dismember them. His charming promises of love and romantic adventure were sinister lies that led to years of madness and murder.

We asked our ScareHouse creative team to share a collection of terrifyingly true facts about Holmes and his notorious Murder Hotel (also known as the Murder Castle.)  Click the links below to enter the deranged mind of H. H. Holmes.  

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9 Things you Didn’t Know About America’s First Serial Killer 

Did H. H. Holmes Really Say he Was Born With the Devil Inside Him 

H. H. Holmes’ Murder Castle The Witching Hour

Weird and Haunted Chicago


The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair That Changed America by Erik Larson

The Torture Doctor  by David Franke 

Depraved: The Definitive True Story of H.H. Holmes, Whose Grotesque Crimes Shattered Turn-of-the-Century Chicago by Harold Schechter

The Beast of Chicago: The Murderous Career of H. H. Holmes by Rick Geary

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Murder Hotel - The Story of America’s First Serial Killer

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