Simon Pegg honors George Romero

The star and co-writer of SHAUN OF THE DEAD pays his respects.

In a recent interview with The Onion AV Club, Simon Pegg was asked... 

When did you first feel successful?

Simon: I could go back earlier than this, but one of the defining moments was when George Romero called me after he saw Shaun Of The Dead. I heard that he was going to call, and I waited. I sat by my phone in the kitchen and just waited, and it rang. And it was just the most amazing thing to talk to him and have him sort of say he’d enjoyed the movie. We’d screened it for him in Florida, where he was at the time, and Edgar and I were just so amused by the fact that he had a security guard with him who was guarding the film. Like, “What, he’s gonna rip us off?” [Laughs.] “This film is a rip-off of him! If he wants to put this film on his phone, let him!” It was just the most extraordinary thing.

But he was so gracious and sweet, and I just babbled about reanimation time being slightly faster. And he just went, “Yeah, I liked it!” So to have that degree of circularity… You grow up watching certain films or admiring certain filmmakers, and to write a love letter to one and have them validate it, it’s extraordinary. And he’s remained a friend to this day. So it was a real moment for both of us to chat with him and get to tell him how much his work meant to us.

He’s someone I don’t think gets enough credit for what he created. People just think, “Oh, yeah, zombies, they’ve been around forever.” They haven’t, you know. He invented that particular iteration of the zombie myth. He took it away from the voodoo mythology and turned it into this sort of cannibalistic thing. And I think he should be on the credits of every episode of The Walking Dead. You know, just as a thank you. It’s something he’s not thanked for enough.

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