Money Back Haunted House

"Did you hear about that haunted house with 13 floors that that's so scary you can get your money back?"


This is Scott Simmons, Creative Director and Co-owner of ScareHouse.  I became obsessed with haunted houses way back in 1982, when I first started visiting local Pittsburgh haunted house fundraisers for various organizations.

And even then, more than 30 years ago, I was hearing about the infamous 13 story haunted house where you can get your money back.

It doesn't exist. Has never existed.  Trust me.  I've been heavily involved in this industry for a long time, I've personally visited well over a 100 haunted attractions, and I've met countless haunted attraction owners over the decades.  

There are many, many haunted houses out there with 13 in their name - and probably even more that might try to trick you into thinking you've found this legendary haunt... but it's only legendary because IT HAS NEVER EXISTED.

It's not in Canada. It's not in Ohio. It's not a former mental Asylum. It's not a former prison. And no, your cousin/friend/Uncle was never there.

Because it NEVER existed.

Are there are haunts that touch you or deal with extreme subject matter? Absolutely. (Might I suggest buying tickets for The Basement by the way?)

Haunts with live animals? Satantic themes? Yes.  

There are even haunted attractions out there that feature nudity, waterboard their customers, and charge as much as $50 per ticket.

There are also some shady haunted house owners out there who really do offer "money back" deals if you complete their haunt... but they cheat by creating hidden entrances or mazes or other tricks. It's not that people are too scared to experience the whole haunt, they just get ripped off by shady advertising.

BUT - the "Money Back Haunted House" that's so terrifying that few can finish it? With slides and trapdoors and people throwing snakes?

It has never, ever existed. Ever.

Trust me.

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