How do I buy tickets?

You can buy tickets here!  No Printer? No problem! We can scan your ticket on your phone. 

If you're buying tickets for the ScareHouse and The Basement please allow at least an hour between the two. 


What are the different ticket types?

General Admission tickets are purchased for a specific date and time. They include three haunts: The Sunset Lodge, Nocturnia 3D, and Infernal. Does not include The Basement. Ticket price changes depending on time and date. 

RIP tickets do not need a specific date and time. They can be used any date and time we are open during the regular season. RIP ticket holders bypass the general admission line. They include three haunts: The Sunset Lodge, Nocturnia 3D, and Infernal. Does not include The Basement.

The Basement tickets are purchased for a specific date and time. They only include The Basement. You must be 18 or older to enter The Basement and sign a waiver.


When are you open?

Our 2017 calendar is available here

ScareHouse makes every effort to accommodate customers on busy nights, but the large volume of people on Friday and Saturday nights can cause the box office to close earlier than posted times. Advance ticket holders are guaranteed admission. 


Do you sell out?

Yes! ScareHouse does sell out, so purchasing you reserved tickets online is crucial.  Advance ticket holders are guaranteed entry in the event of a sellout.


Do I have to buy for a specific date and time?

Timed ticketing means less waiting for you! You choose the date and time you want to come, arrive at our free parking lot at the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium one half hour before your reservation time, and hop on the free ScareHouse shuttle! RIP tickets do not require a specific date or time.


Is there parking?

Free ScareHouse parking and shuttle service is at the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium located at 7340 Butler Street, in Pittsburgh, PA 15206. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your reservation time (if you purchased a ticket for 7:00, be at the Pittsburgh Zoo at 6:45). 

GPS Navigation Users:

Please use the following address:

7340 Butler Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Or use these coordinates:

Latitude:   40°29'13.70"N

Longitude:  79°55'13.70"W


What if I am taking an Uber, Lyft, or Z-Trip vehicle to the ScareHouse?

Please have your driver drop you off and pick you up at the corner of Butler Street at Maplewood Street. You should use the address 436 Butler St, Etna, PA 15223. You will see a banner and sign for the ScareHouse. 


How can I work at ScareHouse?

Visit our Jobs page from the About link above, or email jobs@scarehouse.com.


Is ScareHouse open if it rains?

Yes!  We are indoors and open rain or shine.


Does ScareHouse offer a military discount?

Yes, ScareHouse offers former and current military personnel 50% off their ticket purchase. You just have to show your military ID when you buy tickets at the ScareHouse. You can also request an online promo code to purchase your tickets online by emailing info@ScareHouse.com. If you purchase your tickets online, you will have to show your military ID when we scan your passes at our ticket booth.


Do you allow parties and events at ScareHouse?

Yes! We have a fully decorated event room upstairs for your corporate, group, or Halloween party. Find out more about catering, rental, and group options by clicking here or emailing groups@scarehouse.com.


Can I wear my costume in ScareHouse and The Basement?


Yes, you can, but we ask you leave your masks and fake weapons at home. 


What are Behind the Scenes Tours?

ScareHouse offers unique “Lights on” behind the scenes tours! Click here for more information.


What are all the different lines?

ScareHouse uses timed ticketing and you now buy your on-line ticket for a specific date and time. When you get off the shuttle bus at ScareHouse, you will be directed to the line for your chosen time slot. 


Are bathrooms available?

There are port a johns located on the ScareHouse premises and at the Pittsburgh Zoo parking lot. 


Do you sell souvenirs?

Yes!  There is a merchandise booth on-site. ScareHouse sells t-shirts, sweatshirts, small ScareHouse merchandise, chips, candy, and pop.


Where is the ATM?

The ATM is in the ScareHouse lobby.


Does ScareHouse accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.


Are the monsters allowed to touch you?

The actors will not touch you in ScareHouse; however, they do get very close.  Occasionally you may brush up against their costumes or props. You may also come into contact with some of the sets. 

The Basement (which is a different attraction from the primary haunt and requires a separate ticket purchase) has different rules. You must be at least 18 (with proof of age), and sign a waiver to enter that haunt. 


Are there any age restrictions?

ScareHouse is not recommended for children under 13, and no one under 7 will be admitted. There are no special prices for children and no refunds if anyone decides not to finish the haunt. There are many emergency exits throughout each attraction in case anyone gets too scared to continue.

The minimum age for The Basement, which is a separate attraction and requires a separate ticket purchase, is 18.  Proof of age is required.


Is ScareHouse wheelchair accessible?

ScareHouse is not wheelchair accessible.


Is there a lot of smoke in the haunted house?

We use fog and scent machines.  Should you find the smoke or odors too intense there are emergency exits throughout the attraction.


Are there strobe lights? 



Can I go in if I'm pregnant?

ScareHouse is not recommended for visitors who are pregnant, have heart or lung conditions or are in general poor health. 


Once we've used our ticket can we go through again with the same ticket? 

No.  A new ticket is required for each visit.


Does your attraction have security?

ScareHouse employs a fully trained security staff to keep things running smoothly. New for 2017, customers will be subject to wanding by handheld metal detectors. Guests will have to place cell phones, keys, and large metal objects on a table which may be visually inspected. Bags may be subject to search. The premises and customers are also under constant video surveillance. No weapons, pets, alcoholic beverages, cameras, flashlights, or laser pointers are allowed in the ScareHouse.


Can we be thrown out?

Yes.  We take the safety of our customers and employees very seriously. We do not allow foul language, pushing, vulgar behavior, weapons of any kind, alcohol, etc.  The first violation of these rules will usually bring a warning and after the second, you will be asked to leave without a refund. 


Do you serve alcoholic beverages?

NO! And they are not allowed on the property, so please do not bring any. 


Is smoking or vaping allowed?

Smoking or vaping is allowed only in the parking lot and in the line outside of the building. Smoking or vaping is NOT allowed indoors. 


Can we take flash photos of your haunted houses? 

NO photography of any sort is allowed inside the haunts; however, the monsters working outside will quite often pose for pictures. 


What can't we bring with us inside your haunted houses?

No weapons, guns, pets, alcoholic beverages, cameras, flashlights, or laser pointers! 


What is “The Basement?”

The Basement is an intense and immersive theatrical experience for those 18 and over. Click here for more details about what you can expect.   


Do you have a lost and found?

Yes! ScareHouse makes every effort to find and return lost items, however, we cannot guarantee that we will find them.